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    Men's Activities

Men’s League is on Thursdays from the last week in April to the first week in September. The format is a 2 man best ball with handicap. The League is divided into 3 tee time groups, Noon to 1:20PM, 1:28PM to 3:12PM and 3:28PM to 5:12PM, to accommodate work schedules. You can pick your own partner or our Golf Pro will find you a partner. The schedule is set at the beginning of the season, so that you and your partner play different people every week. GREAT WAY TO MEET MEMBERS! You can also substitute if you want to play more. Call the Pro Shop and sign up. You will have a great time. Come early and have lunch before you golf and stay after and have a great dinner.

The WEEKEND POINT GAME is another great way to have fun golfing and meet new people. You just show up at 7:30AM between Memorial Day and Labor Day and 8:00AM before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. 4 Man Teams are drawn randomly, and you play for yourself and your team. You get 1 point for a Bogey, 2 points for a Par, 4 points for a Birdie and 8 points for an Eagle. Normally there are 30 to 40 guys each Saturday and Sunday. Your scores are recorded each time you play and your points are adjusted based on your point totals each time you play. Surprisingly, this game mimics your actual handicap. We have several people who are Rhinelander Country Club Members MOSTLY because of the Weekend Point Game.

There are many other events during the year including; several Florida Scrambles, Special events each Holiday, Annual Men’s Jamboree, Guest Day, Men’s Club Championship and more. Normally, you do not need a tee time.